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What happens to the fish we catch?

Catching world-class salmon is only half the benefit. You will want to process, freeze, and transport your fish back home to fill your freezer with wild-caught, Alaskan Salmon. We work with the largest sport fishing processor in town to make sure your catch is properly cleaned, frozen, and packaged for the trip home. They will clean the fish and cut perfect sized fillets for packaging. The fish will be flash frozen and packaged in a secure “fish box” to ensure it is safe for transit. For those on cruise ships, the fish processor will mail your fish straight to your door. For those staying longer, Alaska Airlines allows you to check your fish box making sure it gets to your destination in perfect condition.

How many salmon can I bring home?

Alaska regulations allow you to catch and keep 1 king salmon and 6 other salmon per day. The longer you stay and fish, the more fish you can bring home.

How many halibut can I bring home?

Alaska regulations allow you to catch and keep 1 halibut per person per trip, under 40″.

How do I fly with fresh fish?

We will help you arrange your fish for processing. The processor can either FedEx your fish home, or you can check boxes of fish on your flight like airplane luggage.

Do you ship my fish home for me?

While processing is not included in your charter, we work closely with the best fish processor in Ketchikan to get your fish filleted and packaged for shipping. The processor with then ship your fish right to your door.


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