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Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska in July

Ketchikan is the major “metro thoroughfare” for most of Alaska’s migrating salmon. When fish are headed north in the summer, or south in the fall, they will pass close by the shores of Ketchikan. There is actually salmon fishing in Alaska year round. It is only the dedicated locals that have the grit and wherewithal to stalk the elusive “Winter Kings.” But for those dedicated and willing to put in the time, this is one of Alaska’s most prized catches.

July Is One Of The Best Months To Fish In Alaska! July is when the magic happens! For most locals, July is the month to fill the freezer. The second run of kings typically arrive in late June – early July, and historically this is the big one. If you are a serious fisherman and you have flexibility, July is when you will book your trip. July is when everything comes together for the perfect trip. Alaska has famously been called the “Land of the Midnight Sun.” Mid-summer is when this phenomenon takes place as the sun sits on the horizon for a couple extra hours. The long summer days give us extra valuable time on the water. The morning dawn provides enough light for us to head out as early as 5AM. In the evenings we can stay on the water as late as 9PM. The extended evening sun provides valuable extra minutes to capitalize on the “night bite.” The night bite is a furious 20-30 minute period just before dusk when salmon desperately try to finish off their day with one last feed. It is not uncommon to see a boat with four lines in the water land 5-10 kings in this short window.

Magnificent July Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska Alaska in the summer is a true wonder you need to personally see. The temperatures are typically mild, not hot. The extended evening sun never truly sets over a glorious landscape. And then there’s the fishing. This is when large migrating salmon move into our protected waters. In turn, this makes it a prime time to catch these fine creatures. In particular, one of the best places to do so is in Ketchikan.

About The Ketchikan Region Facing Alaska’s Inside Passage, Ketchikan has become a very popular stop for cruise ships and fishing charters during the summer. In fact, thanks to the abundance of king salmon and other salmon species in the area, we are known as the “Salmon Capital of the World.”

Why We Are Called The Land of the Midnight Sun During the summer months, Alaska is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. And that’s certainly true in Ketchikan. Between June and September, the extended evening sun never dips below the horizon. This means you can enjoy what our fishing charters and our city have to offer for a longer period of time. But fortunately for us, the sun does set giving us some time to sleep and rest up for the next fishing day. Sportfishing in Ketchikan When you join one of our fishing charters, you don’t simply fish. In fact, migrating salmon are going to give the term sportfishing a new meaning when you try to catch them–especially since they’re on a journey from the open ocean to the protected waters of the Inside Passage. These fish don’t want anything to interrupt them.

But there’s more than king salmon to catch in our waters. We also have an abundance of other salmon species as well as halibut, rock fish, and cod that all make for a fun catch and a tasty meal. Each of these types of fish are based in different areas of the Inside Passage. And what’s best of all and the most fun? It’s that all will give you the fight and challenge to get them onto the boat or skiff. And that is half the fun!


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