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Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska in August

August is when the commercial seasons shift into high gear. The seiners are doing their best to load up on pinks. In August there will be several million pink salmon caught between the state’s commercial fisheries. For the Sportfisherman, we will be targeting both silvers and pinks. Pink salmon is a wonderful fish that tastes delicious. Schools of silver really slam Southeast Alaska, and this is a very exciting time of year. Coho are fighters, and landing one in the twilight of summer is the thrill of a lifetime. Cohos are notorious jumpers and runners.

Ketchikan, Alaska in August — Salmon and Never-Ending Sun Ketchikan, Alaska is an amazing place to be in August. Temperatures vary little between day and evening. Days are often filled with abundant sunshine. And, of course, it’s the high season for a variety of fishing opportunities.

Salmon is the champion in this area, which is along Alaska’s Inside Passage. During this time of the summer, pink salmon and Coho salmon move away from the open ocean and into our protected waters. In turn, this makes it a prime time to catch these fine creatures. That’s why Ketchikan is known as the “Salmon Capital of the World.” About Ketchikan

Ketchikan, with a population around 8,000, is Alaska’s southernmost city; hence the reason for its mild temperatures (known as a maritime climate) during the year. The city’s population grows considerably during the high season as tourists arrive via plane, car, or cruise ship. Many of these folks are sports fishers, ready to take on the challenge of catching some pink salmon or coho salmon.

Land of the Midnight Sun In August, Ketchikan experiences almost 20 hours of true daylight starting around 4 a.m. Thus, you can enjoy our city’s fishing charters and attractions for longer periods of time. Sportfishing in Ketchikan

You don’t simply fish when you board one of our charters. In fact, the salmon are going to give the term sportfishing a new meaning when you try to catch them. Especially since they don’t want anything to interrupt them as they enter the Inside Passage. Pink and Coho salmon are only two varieties of fish you can catch. Populating our waters are halibut, rockfish, and cod. Each is based in a different area, but all of them will challenge you to get them onto the boat or skiff.

Why Reserve a Fishing Charter? Signing up with a fishing charter is a good idea on your initial trip. Not only because it’s your first time visiting our city but also due to the amount of sport fishing areas available. This is where our knowledgeable fishing guides can assist. They are locals who grew up visiting the Inside Passage and other waterways of Ketchikan. In addition, they know the prime fishing spots that allow you to reel one, or two, or three fish in over a short period of time.

Another reason to reserve a charter is the no-hassle experience. You don’t have to spend hours renting a skiff, preparing your gear, and locating the perfect fishing spot. The charter staff already know the location of the prime areas. All you need to do is dress appropriately, bring food and drink, and show up. The charter team does the rest.

Non-Fishing Opportunities in Ketchikan Ketchikan is a cultural and tourist hub. Therefore, it has plenty to offer once you’ve cleaned up from your fishing excursion. For instance, we have an award-winning art scene that’s honed during the fall and winter months. This is displayed for show and purchase during the spring and summer. We also have a number of fine restaurants that serve a variety of dishes. This includes seafood directly from the cold Pacific waters.

We’re also honored to display the links to the area’s original Alaska Native heritage. In fact, we have the world’s largest collection of totem poles at the Totem Heritage Center and four additional parks.

It’s time to book your trip to Ketchikan. Contact us via phone or email to learn about our charter fishing opportunities.


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