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Alaska Fishing Regulations Change By The Day

Often we are permitted to keep even more fish during an ADF&G* emergency order. (Sometimes emergency orders are issued by the Alaskan Government to open and close sport fishing seasons or specific areas along the fishing areas; this is to increase or decrease the sport fishing bag limits; or in order to modify methods of sport fishing harvests. These types of emergency orders can be issued any time of the season.

Salmon Retention Rates In past years retention rates for certain areas could be as high as 10 King Salmon per person. With the Rosemary June our 2018 Parker we are often able to run to where regulations may be different and favorable. The geographic flexibility afforded by our faster cruising speed gets you to the best fishing quickly.

When we meet you at the cruise ship dock, or hotel we can/will inform you of the regulations from the ADF&G.

We want to maximize your fishing time while in town. We can sell all your fishing licenses on the boat while on the way to the fishing area.

When The Fish Really Start Running We start “practicing” and catching King Salmon in May when the fishing is a little spotty. By mid-June, we consistently catch kings on our short “Cruise Ship Charter.” Late June and July the Kings start to fade, but this is when the other species heat up and the excitement of consistent fish goes through the roof.

In recent seasons, the limit on charter has been 1 king per person per day. You will also be required to purchase a king stamp to fish for Kings. With that license, we can also keep and retain Rockfish, Ling Cod, Pacific Cod, and other fish.

To fish/retain Halibut we must have ADVANCE NOTICE. Typically a:

  • 1-day non-resident fishing license is 25.00

  • 1-day king stamp is 15.00


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