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Ketchikan is in the Middle of the Salmon Super Highway

Alaska Go Fish, LLC operates out of Ketchikan, Alaska. Ketchikan is known as the Salmon Capital of the World due to its stellar salmon runs throughout the year. Ketchikan is located along the Inside Passage protected by many large islands, but it is remarkably close to the open ocean. Because of this perfect combination, we like to call the waters around Ketchikan the Salmon Super Highway.

Fish from all over the west coast, from the Kenai to the Sacramento River, travel this Super Highway every year, making our fishing in Ketchikan world class. Not only that, but practically every trickle of water coming out of our hills has salmon spawning in it. In a city that gets nearly 13 feet of rain per year, that’s a lot of little trickles of water with salmon in them.

Captain Jos has called Ketchikan Home for more than 25 Years Captain Jos is born and raised in Alaska and has spent the better part of his life in and around Ketchikan. He has been fishing these waters for nearly 3 decades and knows almost every island and channel in a 100-mile radius. Jos has fished commercially, sport, and recreationally, so he knows the ins and outs of fishing from all angles. Jos is a true Alaskan with a love for Southeast Alaska, which has kept him here all these years.

Ketchikan is Relatively Close to Seattle Another reason we love Ketchikan is because of its close proximity to Seattle. A quick 1.5 hour non-stop flight will get you between Seattle and Ketchikan quickly. A short flight can quickly get you from urban chaos to rugged bliss. For someone who doesn’t want to spend all day on the plane traveling further up into Alaska, Ketchikan is a perfect fit while still being very much Alaska. As the southeastern-most city in Alaska the climate in Ketchikan is temperate year round. Like Seattle, we get our fair share of rain, but it keeps the area green and fresh all summer long.

Ketchikan Offers Tons of On and Off-Boat Experiences Ketchikan is never boring. You may choose to come for the fishing, but you will not be disappointed in the abundance of opportunities our little town has to offer. Though we are a relatively small community, Ketchikan has a lot of visitor infrastructure on the island for as remote of an area as we live. Some of the non-fishing experiences Ketchikan has to offer are:

  • Hiking Trails: Ketchikan has some fantastic trails throughout the region that meander around creeks and through the Tongass. Traversing just a few short miles up the Perseverance Trail leads to a spectacular, unpopulated mountain lake.

  • Sea Kayaking: The channels and smaller islands around our island provide the perfect playground to paddle around. There are several local outfitters equipped to rent or book you on a sea kayak tour where you can see sea lions and seals and maybe the occasional whale.

  • Misty Fiords National Monument & Flight Seeing: The Misty Fiords National Monument is truly a spectacular sight. One of the finest ways to see the Mistys is by chartering a float plane. Most operators will tour you through and over the steep cliffs and even land you on a pristine and epically remote mountain lake. The Mistys are awe-inspiring and worth seeing at least once.

  • Arts: Ketchikan has a thriving arts & culture scene, which is honed during our winter months. Artists show off their wares in stores and galleries throughout town and at a few of the festivals in the summer–like the Blueberry Arts Fair.

  • Shopping: Ketchikan has a wealth of locally-owned boutiques all within walking distance of each other. Many of these stores sell Alaskan-made goods, many of which are made right here in town.

  • Alaska Native Culture: Ketchikan sits on the historic lands of the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian peoples. We are honored to display historic and cultural totems throughout town and in the Village of Saxman and Totem Bight State Park. Interpretive history about these totems can be found at the Totem Heritage Center with poles dating back hundreds of years.

  • Museums and More: Ketchikan is home to the Ketchikan Historic Museum and the National Forest Service Discover Center. Both offer fun, interpretive information regarding Ketchikan as a place and as a people.

Ketchikan truly does have a lot to offer every type of traveler. While remote, we do have the amenities needed to make your stay comfortable. In fact, you are almost guaranteed to have cell service in most places in town. It’s clear why we have decided to stay and operate in Ketchikan. The fishing, the scenery, the people and the culture are all what makes this place great, what keeps us here, and what makes us want to share this magical place with travelers like you.


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