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When you visit here, in the Southeast part of Alaska, you’ll shortly find that we have some of the best Halibut fishing in the world! Why spend two long traveling days to other places in Alaska when you can come charter fishing with us! Sport fishing charters in Southeast Alaska are numerous, and as Alaskans, we follow all state and federal regulations while fishing in these pristine waters. Ketchikan is only 1.5hrs on a non-stop flight from Seattle. Give us a call, and we can also help with accommodations and a car for your visit.

Five Sizes Of Halibut That You’ll Find Along The Inside Passage

Our Pacific Halibut come in what I like to call five sizes. Averaging 25 to 50 lbs, and they can sometimes reach up to 400 pounds! Largest halibut we have landed on sport tackle was over 70 inches long. She was what I like to call a breeder, so we decided to let her go back to the bottom unharmed. It is said female halibut can release as many as 50,000 eggs a year.

The five sizes of Halibut start with the Baby Halibut that are too small to keep. Chicken is the second size of flatfish are mostly a keeper size, as they are also what we locals prefer to put in our freezer because those are the best-eating fish. A Coffee Table flattie, the 3rd size of Halibut can weigh up to 100lbs, and a Kitchen Table, which is the 4th category is up to 200lbs. The largest and final size is the Barn Door size and is reserved to those fish over 200 lbs. Many fishermen think pulling a nice Halibut is like pulling up a sheet of plywood. In our experience that is an accurate analogy. Its a workout for sure!

Southeast Alaska Fishing Limits

In Southeast Alaska, we have a one fish daily bag limit of 1 per person on a charter. A reverse slot limit so retained halibut must be less than or equal to 38 inches or greater than or equal to 80 inches in length. This reverse slot limit allows anglers to keep halibut less than approximately 20 pounds and greater than 200 pounds after the head and guts have been removed.

Halibut offer exciting fishing action – it’s quite a thrill to feel a colossal flattie try to pull the rod out of your hands! We use first class rods and reels for these big brutes but sometimes catch them on salmon tackle also. The halibut frequent the same areas as the salmon and on the right year and time of the season we can catch a limit of both on the same day!

Lingcod And Rockfish, Some Of The Most Delicious Fish

Lingcod and rockfish are a bonus, and they’re among the finest eating fish found anywhere!

In 2011 there were many regulation changes here in Ketchikan when it comes to Halibut fishing due to declining stocks on the West Coast. Luckily we were able to secure a CHarter Halibut Permit, so we have the option for overnight guests to Salmon and Halibut fish on the same trip.

Pre-Booking Information And Cruise Ship Booking

All charter halibut trips require pre-booking. We typically run 20-30 minutes further toward the open ocean from Ketchikan when targeting halibut hence the higher price. If you are arriving by cruise ship, we need at least 1-week advance booking on charter halibut trips.

We work with the schedule of all cruise lines in Southeast Alaska. Be it one of the small ship companies, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise lines, Holland America, or Royal Caribbean. We will meet you at the gangway of your ship, and walk you directly to the boat to get out fishing.

If you want to check out the Federal Regs, click the link below.

Federal Charter Halibut Regulations

Halibut length to weight chart link


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