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Ketchikan, Alaska vs. Juneau, Alaska for Salmon Fishing

Really, you can’t go wrong with either place. When in Alaska, Ketchikan and Juneau both are fantastic places for salmon and halibut fishing.

When visiting our city of Ketchikan, one thing you should know is that it is the most southern city in the state and is on the “Inside Passage.”

Ketchikan is on the west coast of Revillagigedo Island, directly west of the mainland. The city is well protected from the Pacific, tucked in along the interior behind some of Alaska’s biggest islands. The geography is helpful in reducing exposure to some of the Pacific’s worst storms. Juneau is located on the mainland 296 miles to the north. Juneau is a much larger city with around 32,000 people, vs. Ketchikan’s 8,000.

Finding Trophy Salmon In The City

Both of these cities, or towns if you will, have some of the world’s best and most consistent salmon runs. Visiting either city is an excellent option if you are after trophy fish. When you visit, in general, Southeast Alaska is your best bet for a once in a lifetime trip. Do your research and make sure you go with a legitimate charter company.

The Tourism Boom in Alaska

The tourism industry has continued to boom for several decades. There are many different varieties of charters. Though most are priced in the same range, the experiences can be vastly different. Some companies are content to send you out into the harbor in a small boat to snag rockfish and pinks. The more basic trip is certainly still an adventure.

If you are looking for more, be sure to do your homework. Remember you are always free to call us, as we are happy to give you all the information you might want about our hometown. We love it here and love to show it off.


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