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Family activities with my wife, with my husband, or with my kids.

  1. Visit a Native Community – Just a few miles south of the cruise docks in Ketchikan is the Village of Saxman, an Alaska Native community filled with culture and art. It’s a beautiful area with totem poles, a long house, and opportunities to experience Native Tlingit dance. Visitors get the opportunity to learn much about the Tlingit culture and history. Like a walking tour of Skagway, a visit to Saxman provides some historical perspective of Alaska’s past and cultural future

  2. See Whales – For many of those cruising to Alaska, seeing wildlife is a major draw, and humpback whales are a big favorite. Most travelers to Alaska see the fluke (tail) of a humpback whale, and lucky ones get to see them working cooperatively to bubble feed.

  3. GO FISHING – Of course, we would love to host you on a personal fishing tour.

  4. Visit Glacier National Park – All of the National Parks in the United States are worthy of a visit, and Glacier Bay is one that can best be viewed from a ship. The unspoiled, glorious mountain scenery, glaciers, and wildlife like sea lions and bears make this park a memorable destination.

  5. Dog Sledding – Can you go dog sledding on the snow in August? Yes, you can if you take a helicopter ride up to a summer training camp for sled dogs. This is definitely one of my favorite shore excursions ever (I’m a dog lover).

  6. Zip Line Tour – Nothing compares to zipping through the treetops in the incredible Tongass National Forest of Southeast Alaska. The best destination is Ketchikan and the best company is Southeast Exposure. Call and make reservations early!

  7. Visit the Misty Fjords National Park – Misty Fjords National Monument is near Ketchikan but is only accessible via plane or boat. The Misty Fjords consist of a historic mountain range carved into fjords by the movement of glaciers centuries ago. There are no longer glaciers this far south, but the incredible land masses created by these tectonic movements offer a once in a life time experience to see one of Alaska’s most incredible national monument.

  8. Ride the White Pass Railway – If your cruise ship stops over in Skagway, you’ll find an old gold rush boomtown community, complete with shops, bars, restaurants, and wonderful old historical buildings. Although you can easily spend the day exploring the small community of Skagway, a ride on the White Pass Railway travels up into the mountains and provides magnificent scenic views and a look at the route the gold miners took on their way to the gold fields in the Yukon. Some White Pass combination rail and bus excursions include a stop at the Yukon Suspension Bridge for a great photo opportunity.


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